Monday, April 16, 2007

northwest hoboken now waterfront property!

What a pleasant surprise this morning when I awoke- property values in the neighborhood have apparently skyrocketed overnight with the newly formed great lakes of northwest Hoboken! Here are a few more pics of Upper Grand Lake. It's super luxurious and totally open to the public for a limited time. Membership includes the use of the regulation size lap pool for those of you who are training for the upcoming Float or Drown on Your Way Home From Work Competition. The gun goes off at 5pm sharp!

No one mentioned to me that I should have brought my row boat with me when I moved out of the city a few months ago. So that storm was really something, huh?

Here's a fab picture of the newly formed Lake of Performing Arts, which is located just north of the Monroe Center of the Arts. Free water ballet classes are scheduled each morning between 8am and 10am, and morning lattes are complimentary to those who show up in bikinis and/or sexy yoga gear:

Here a few pics of Monroe Street, looking north behind the Shoprite, and also of 9th Street, looking east towards Washington Street:

Monroe Street may have been flooded, but Jackson Street, behind Fields Crossing, was bone dry. Looks as though those Metrostop greenies will never have to worry about falling prey to massive flooding. Also happy to report there were no kiddie pools near either of the light rail entrances.

I think Robert D. McFadden described the storm perfectly in today's New York Times:

"The day was, in a way, like great theater: the drama of the approaching storm, the searching wind at the panes and rain dancing on the pavement, the smudged sky, the iron-gray day like a movie in black and white. The overcast was solid, great plates of corrugated iron fused from horizon to horizon, and the streets glistened in the rain: a metallic futureworld."

And lastly, here are a few shots from last night. They are moody, cold, and slightly cranky, just like me:

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