Saturday, April 28, 2007

saturday morning carnage!!!

The crew started early this morning on 900 Monroe (the great takedown), hosing down the building, and keeping control of the dust and debris. Onlookers stopped and watched in fascination, as little by little the bricks and steel came tumbling down.

In these shots below, the big beast is tearing away at a horizontal steel beam. It took a long time to rip it out, and the noises it made were like nothing I've ever heard. And the vibrations, you could feel them under your feet:

Today's cast of characters included Mr. Spray and Wash:

Mr. Shovel Nothing:

Mr. Imaginary Dust Sweeper:

and Mr. Expert Arm Folder:

Here's Expert Arm Folder's alter ego, Mr. Wide Stance Surveyor. He looks powerful, doesn't he? All superheroes in their own right.

At times the bricks were precariously falling into the street, pretty close to some nearby parked cars, but all accidents were averted at every turn, as Shovel Nothing and Imaginary Dust Sweeper kept things under control. Large piles of concrete, steel and brick collected in ever expanding piles on the ground...

New chainlink fence was rolled out along 9th Street:

Everyone's favorite, Charlie Small Chompers spent time neatly organizing the different piles of rubble. Cute, huh?

And lastly, here's the view of today's events from the pedestrian walkway atop the cliffs, from the elevator entrance that takes you up to Jersey City Heights:

Now that they're picking up speed, it should be no time before it's all cleared away, and ready for Northwest Hoboken's first ever 12 story luxury condo building. The anticipation is palpable. Stay tuned...

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