Thursday, April 5, 2007

metrostop / 800 madison progress

It's been a busy week in the hood. First off- 800 Madison has been cleared, gravel has been put down, and they are currently driving large steel girders into the ground to begin the foundation work! The machine they are using is huge, and is very old school. Bit by bit it drives the girders into the ground with a very loud boom and a release of steam. You can feel it vibrate through the streets. The pounding is very loud. Here are some pics:

We have also seen MAJOR progress on the new 'green' Metrostop project. They are moving so fast, and there seems to be hundreds of construction workers attacking the site from every angle. They've started the second floor already! And you can see from the below pics, that the building is starting to be visible above the light rail platform. Another week and it will probably begin to obstruct the view of Fields Crossing. Very exciting! Not sure how 'green' all of that wood is, could it be from a sustainable forest, perhaps? Hmmm,...we'll never know for sure.

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Anonymous said...

you have a pretty sick site. stumbled upon it doing work and it gave me some much needed comic relief!